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Supply Management

We at Alpplas aim to add value to our customers with a reliable and sustainable supply chain management. We attach importance to the principles of quality, reliability and sustainability in the process of supplier selection. In the spirit of continuous improvement and cooperation, we support mutual success by means of establishing long-term relationships with our suppliers. Prioritizing transparency and ethical values in our supply chain management enables us to offer reliable and high-quality products to our customers.

Global Supply: Alpplas cooperates with the best suppliers worldwide by means of effectively managing its global supply network. We constantly optimize our supply chain network in order to ensure compliance with the applicable international standards and, access quality materials at competitive prices. Our global supply strategy strengthens our cooperation by means of providing our customers with a competitive advantage.

The supplier portal is available here

It is our priority to create a long term and permanent network of suppliers and, work with all our customers in line with common targets.

We attempt to analyze risks and, eliminate them before they occur in order to ensure that the right product is placed on the market at the right time with the concept of continuous production. In addition to the assessments we carry out on the basis of suppliers during the performance of supply processes, we also analyze the geopolitical risks that become more important in today’s world. Alpplas’ supply team finds alternative sources for every materials possible.

Believing that the business performance of our suppliers is reflected as the business performance of Alpplas on our customers, we attach great importance to the supplier quality management processes; and we work together with our suppliers in the fields of quality, service, innovation, planning compliance, cost, sustainability and social responsibility with the aim of increasing our total performance.
We carry out the Suppler Development Activities through our expert team within the framework of quality management processes.

  • Selection of Suppliers,
  • Audits on Suppliers and, Approvals for Suppliers,
  • Test and Guaranty of Compliance of Supplied Materials with the Specifications,
  • Periodically Monitoring and Assessing Supplied Products and Services


Speed of technology that increases day by day shortens the life cycle of products. Therefore, the idle material management is as important as the supply and material management. With the aim of 0 idle material, we closely follow such materials that could become idle for any reason whatsoever and, act in cooperation with our suppliers and customers to assess each material in a detailed manner.