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<i><b>YOUR INNOVATIVE </b></i><i><b>SOLUTION PARTNER</b></i>

We have been manufacturing sophisticated plastic parts for 35 years.

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Technology and Processes


Vertical Storage Solutions Provide High Material Management Efficiency

Material management is one of the factors that directly affect efficiency in electronics production. Storing thousands of different components according to the specific storage conditions of each material and being able to prepare the materials needed in production on the shop floor in the shortest time and correctly is a prerequisite for uninterrupted production. That's why, at Alpplas, we use Kardex Remstar automatic vertical storage solutions designed for electronic components.

We came third in the Lean Transformation Category at the Efficiency Project Awards

Our project, "Productivity Increase with Robotic Soldering and Programming" was awarded the third prize in the Lean Transformation Category in the 2023 Efficiency Project Awards Competition organized by the General Directorate of Strategic Research and Efficiency of the Ministry of Industry and Technology. Additionally, two of our projects were among the finalists in the Energy Efficiency and Localization Categories.

The New Conformal Coating Line Meets The Highest Expectations

Conformal coating in electronic card production finds its place in more and more projects every day. Protecting circuit boards and components from harmful environmental conditions such as moisture, thermal shock, static, vibration, and contamination with regional coating ensures that the cards operate at the targeted performance for a much longer time. Nordson Asymtek offers the highest precision and speed with its coating systems solutions. At Alpplas, we protect critical electronic cards produced for many sectors, from automotive to white goods, in 3 coating lines in our facilities.