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Alpplas Supplier Portal

Welcome to the Alpplas Supplier Portal.

At Alpplas, we are aware that a strong supplier communication is very important for the Purchasing processes. The Alpplas Supplier Portal will provide you with access to Alpplas purchasing processes, strategies, current news and other important information. You can follow the portal to inform our registered suppliers and start the registration process for our potential suppliers.


Our supplier candidates will be subject to the Candidate Supplier Qualification Assessment Process after the first application. Candidate suppliers are registered as potential suppliers to our list of suppliers and preliminary evaluations are made. In order to be a candidate for Alpplas supplier, it is a prerequisite to provide the requested information and documents. All information received from suppliers through this portal will be kept confidential under the principles of confidentiality. Click here to become a candidate supplier.


Our suppliers are required to meet the minimum requirements, declarations and declarations of compliance with the ethical values specified in the Supplier's Handbook.

The performances of our suppliers are evaluated periodically on criteria such as quality, shipping, environment and occupational health and safety, sustainability, quality system documentation. The performances are evaluated according to the targets given to the supplier, the supplier's open areas are determined and the supplier is asked for improvement. Our suppliers, whose performance is underdeveloped, that their performance is insufficient and / or that they do not comply with the requirements in the Supplier's Handbook, are removed from the Approved Supplier List in time or indefinitely.

Click here to download the Supplier Handbook.

Click here to download the Prohibited Restricted Materials Declaration.

Click to download the Working Minerals Declaration Form.

Click here to download Supplier Target Reconciliation Form.