Dil Seçiniz


White Appliances


We at Alpplas design and manufacture the user control units used in the white appliance industry in in line with the product and customer requirements.

Combining our experience of many years in visual parts concerning the control panels used in washing machines, drying machines and dishwashers with the electronics, we are capable of providing all the needs from the plastic panels to the control panels with all the electronic and cabling grouping completed according to the customer requirements. As an expert system partner, we offer integrated solutions from the design to the production.

White appliance and consumer visual parts require a whole different expertness. A significant part of the product range of Alpplas consists of the assembled visual parts. With the far different decorative solutions we offer beyond the plastic injection and, based on our flexible assembly capabilities, we are able to provide you with everything you may need in respect of consumer products.

It is necessary to use engineering plastic parts in such locations that require a high level of heat or resistance. Combination of the right mixture of molds, machineries and processes is very important to deliver a flawless production and high quality. At this point, we at Alpplas act as an important solution partner of our customers.