Dil Seçiniz



We started to manufacture electronic products in 2002 and, continue to enlarge the extent of this production improving our capabilities year by year. We offer our customers from various industries a large variety of solutions starting from the design stage thereof.

With 5 separate SMT lines in total located in two different locations, we are capable of manufacturing the circuit board designs of even the most complex circuit boards without any problem and, with the principle of zero error. Thanks to our machinery line design, we are capable of not only mass production with a large number of products, but also small batch productions with the least losses and at competitive costs for our customers. We are able to deliver the highest quality performances in all our production lines with such systems preferred by the leading machinery manufacturers in the field of electronic assembly. In addition to SMT (Surface Mount Technology) machines, we make use of axial and radial insertion machines and, automatic solder paste inspection and automatic optical inspection in all the production lines.

In respect of the production of electronic circuit boards, our aim is to ensure that it is possible to assemble the most number of components in an automatic environment. However, due to different requirements, the manual assembly process is an inevitable one within the production of electronic circuit boards. In addition, it is possible to make use of automatic and manual systems to carry out the cabling and plastics grouping works for the circuit boards manufactured.    

Especially in respect of complex cards, a perfect design of test check processes in every projects is crucial to deliver a flawless production. Based on the knowledge and experience of many years, Alpplas is capable of internally design important devices such as FCT and ICT and, also the full automatic control machines are designed and manufactured by our R&D department on a project basis.  Aiming to minimize the level of external dependence in this field, Alpplas is able to offer solutions to its customers from a single point.   

Alpplas is capable of tracing each component from the arrival thereof to the factory to the departure thereof from the factory as a finished product. Using the factory solution of Panasonic PanaCIM, Alpplas closely follows the developments and trends throughout the world.

It is our consistent aim that we want to keep the quality of the services we offer to our business partners at the highest level at all times. Therefore, we always prefer the most advanced technologies and the highest level of production machineries when making strategic investments. In addition to the advanced typesetting machineries from Panasonic that we use in our SMD production lines, we are capable of delivering our products and services at high standards making use of Saki in-line AOI and SPI equipment, laser marking devices for traceability, Nordson X-Ray systems for high sensitive productions and, environmentally friendly, nitrogenous wave soldering and selective soldering equipment in all the production lines. Use of technology in the production of electronic components is important for all the processes from the incoming quality control to the delivery of products in addition to the production stage. Thanks to our expensive incoming quality control laboratory, we make sure that each component and product supplied fulfills the defined characteristics and performances.  And, we save time and cost by means of carrying out the validation tests for many products in our own laboratory.