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We at Alpplas maintain our business activities and, continue to further improve our economic success, while working hard to leave a better world to the next generations. Within this framework, we at Alpplas adopted the United Nations’ Global Compact Mission, the world’s largest corporate sustainability organization, in 2016 and, committed ourselves to reviewing our business operations within the principles of corporate sustainability. Besides, we have also adopted the approach of reviewing the impacts of our business operations within the commitments at set forth under the United Nations’ 17 principles for Sustainable Development. We publish our efforts in terms of sustainability every year in a transparent manner for the purpose of leading the changes in our industry, creating values for our stakeholders and, improving the society where we live in. We invite all the stakeholders to stand by us in these efforts we are committed to carry out. You may access the reports in the following links: 

We at Alpplas and its affiliates pledge that we will carry out our business operations responsibly and sustainably and, expect our stakeholders to do the same. Full compliance with the applicable laws and, good business ethics principles are the core of our business operations.  Our ethical values and corporate procedures are the guidance that leads us in the course of performing our daily activities.

A sound financial structure and performance is one of the building blocks of the concept of sustainability. We constantly review everything we do accordingly with the aim of remaining profitable without losing the ability of competition.  We make us of Independent Audit to ensure the compliance of our financial processes with the applicable laws and regulations at all times.

We believe that it the responsibility of all of us to protect the world we live in and, leave it to the next generations in the best manner, no matter which industry we operate or which business we do. In line with the understanding of environmentally-friendly production that we see as an important part of our sustainable improvement, we make efforts to reduce the environmental impacts of our manufacturing processes. Our “Environmental Policy” underlies this understanding of our environmental management.  Accordingly, we monitor our impacts on the environment such as energy, greenhouse gas and air emissions and, make continues efforts to improve the processes applied in the fields of water consumption, waste management and mitigation and, recycling. As an output of these activities, we obtain the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certifications for our manufacturing locations. We display the same sensitivity also in the selection of our suppliers and, attach priority to such companies with an environmental management system as much as possible.

We are aware that we have responsibilities toward the society we are living in. Therefore, we produce and implement such projects intended to contribute to the concept of community development. With the Social Responsibility Club we established in the company, we try to spread the sense of responsibility from the management level downwards.