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IK Processes

As Alpplas, we understand the value of our workforce and appreciate the contribution of our employees to our success. Our human resources policy is focused on attracting, developing and retaining a talented and motivated team.

We open our doors to those talented candidates who want to join the Alpplas family.

Applications for the blue-collar position are accepted by means of personal application or application through internet, while applications for the white-collar positions are accepted through internet when a position is vacant. Job interviews are made with candidates by the Human Resources Officers, who assess their compliance with the qualifications sought for the respective positions. Candidates, whose qualifications are approved by the Human Resources Officers, are given an opportunity to talk with the managers of the respective positions they make an application for. Candidates approved as a result of all these assessments become a member of the Alpplas Family.

If you want to work with us, you can take a look at our current job postings or send us your CV.

We provide training and development opportunities to maximize the potential of our employees. We constantly organize training programs and support our employees to progress in their careers. We collect the training and improvement facilities under the roof of the Alp Academy we have established within our own organization. We offer our personnel various training programs and, give them opportunity to further improve themselves in the Academy. We believe that our employees who improve themselves would always stay one step ahead of.

We at Alpplas have an effective performance management system to recognize and develop the individual achievements of our employees.

We assess the performance of our business colleagues who are at a certain position within the framework of our “Performance Management System” on 6-month and annual bases. According to the results from this assessment, we make training and personal improvement plans.

Alpplas offers various opportunities to support the career development of its employees. Performance evaluations help career planning by means of highlighting employees' strengths as well as identifying areas for improvement.