Dil Seçiniz



With its experience of 35 years, Alpplas is capable of offering a number of solutions in the field of plastic injection under a single roof. As a supplier of integrated systems, Alpplas is able to offer its customers not only plastic injection processes but also many other supplementary processes in connection therewith. In particular, the field of cosmetic components and engineering plastics is falling into the area of strengths of Alpplas.  

Alpplas is capable of offering solutions for a large variety of solutions thanks to about 100 machines with a pressing power in a range of 500 kN to 8,500 kN.  In addition to this extensive machinery park, Alpplas’ experience in the field of thermoplastic raw materials, mold design and process optimizations makes it enable to offer its customers high quality products at an optimum price range.

We provide a significant solution point for visual components with an experience of more than 15 years in the field of wet painting and, numerous parts and colors. We offer different solutions from the full automatic painting lines for mass production to the manual cabinets where boutique production takes place, which require special workmanship.    

Laser Printing / Lifting

Laser printing is an important visual process, where the high quality meets the low cost and, a high level of productivity is yielded in less number of batches. Alpplas has been using laser solutions for different products since 2014. With the most advanced equipment of the world available at 7 separate laser stations, Alpplas offers its customer numerous solutions.

Decorative Folio Applications

Folio applications that require a high level of visual quality and that are frequently preferred for higher segment products bring a different value to the plastics. Folio coverings with various patterns from stainless steel to carbon fiber are frequently preferred in white appliances and automotive industries. Acting directly in cooperation with global folio manufacturers, Alpplas offers its customers great services starting from the design stage.

Pad / Serigraphy Applications

Alpplas has experience of more than 20 years in the field of pad printing and serigraphy processes applicable for the white appliance industry, where multi-color solutions are, in particular, needed. As a result of this experience, Alpplas is capable of not only establishing project-basis processes, but also internally designing and manufacturing the most optimum machineries needed for the projects. All the solutions for station-based, full automatic, IV printing systems rather than conventional benches are internally designed within the organization of Alpplas.

Alpplas is capable of offering all types of assemblies from simple sable assembly to the complex printed-circuit card assembly as may be needed for plastic parts, and thus enabling customers to focus on their main business operations. Manual assembly processes include ultrasonic welding and hot adhesion techniques.

Gas-Supported Injection

Alpplas is one of the first companies to bring to Turkey the gas-supported injection also known for gas injection technology in 1997 and, possesses an extensive knowledge in the field of cold designs and process applications. There are currently almost 20 machines in the Bolu Business that manufacture using this technology.

2K (Two Component) Injection

Adding the two component production technology to its range of processes, Alpplas is able to offer project-based solutions.

IML / IMD Injection

'In Mold Decoration' has become an important solution in the field of electronic during recent years although it was a process that was used in particular in the packaging industry in the past. Alpplas enhances the extent of its experience in the production of touch sensitive electronic components thanks to the cooperation between its R&D Department and the respective global suppliers.