Dil Seçiniz


Life in Alpplas

For Alpplas, people are at the core of everything we do. Therefore, we attach great importance to our employees and their developments. We always try to provide our employees with the best working environment.

Ethical rules applied in the organization of Alpplas have been strictly defined. We expect all the employees to respect these rules and, check their compliances.

Our approach in respect of the Occupational Health and Safety is very clear: “put people first”.

Training is very important for the improvement of our employees and, thus our company. Therefore, we make real investments in training, and thus employees. Above all, we at Alpplas are a family and, consider each employee a member of this family.

Alpplas operates in 2 locations: Istanbul and Bolu. The Alpplas Family consists of more than 800 members.

Alpplas pledges to comply with the legal, international legislation and customer requirements and, create a safe working environment for employees and, give them opportunity to improve themselves. We comply with the applicable legal regulations and, provide our employees with training to increase the level of their awareness in this respect. We are committed ourselves to identifying and preventing occupational diseases that may arise from our business operations, provide our employees with personal protective equipment and, enhance the level of their awareness in this respect.

Alpplas is a big family with more than 800 members. It organizes events in order to enhance the motivation of the employees so that they feel the sense of being a family together and, increase the binds between them.