Dil Seçiniz


Project Management

This is the project, engineering and production services behind the products. Alpplas Project Management directs one of the most important processes that is formed with the targets, sources, schedules and customer expectations for each and any project. It focuses on, in particular, the maintenance of customer satisfaction and, the production of competitive and quality products for all the industries it operates in.

As a project company, Alpplas maintains all its product commissioning processes at all the PPaP levels in accordance with the respective international standards. From the first stage of design to the start of mass production, it carries out all the processes from a single point with the respective project team making use of the right methodologies and milestones.

  • Integration
  • Extent
  • Cost
  • Quality
  • Supply
  • Source
  • Contact
  • Risk

Alpplas project and engineering services are managed not only according to the requirements and special requests of customers but also in accordance with industrial certificates, legal regulations and compliance processes at internationally recognized standards.