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How To Make an Application

You may apply for a job position in Alpplas and its affiliates making use of different ways:

A candidate applying for a blue-collar position may submit an application personally in our manufacturing facilities or, following the job adverts posted in the internet. As a general policy, we attach great importance to all the applications. Therefore, even when we do not have a vacant position, we keep the applications so that we refer to them in the future.

And we kindly request our white-collar candidates to apply for the vacant positions through the internet. In this way, we are able to ensure a well-functioning application management.

Questions And Answers

All types of salary and similar payments are officially made in all our locations. Our company is audited by public / private national and international organizations every year.  

We offer transportation and lunch benefits for all the blue-collar employees and, for the white-collar employees upon request. In addition, we offer some additional benefits for certain positions such as car allocation and supplementary health insurance.

Promotion within the company takes an important lace within our corporate culture. According to the assessments and career plans that take place considering the respective professional criteria, we attach great important to training our medium and senior level managers within our organization. Many senior managers in our company have served in the lower positions climbing the success steps one by one. And there are also many colleague who started to work in the production departments and, then assumed different responsibilities in the office. 

As an industrial enterprise for more than 30 years, we have a well-established corporate culture. We attach great importance to our ethical rules and, shape our business operations accordingly. We establish our merit and performance assessment criteria for all promotions. Our organizational structure that is not excessively hierarchic allows us to deliver a transparent communication opportunity. In spite of all these measures, in case an employee is exposed to an unethical behavior, we encourage them to apply to the “Ethical Committee” to express their concerns.

Our approach in terms of occupational safety is very simple and explicit: zero tolerance. Occupational safety training activities that start when you are recruited will repeat during the entire period of your employment. We employ full time occupational safety specialists in both locations of our company. Our managers are sensitive in respect of occupational safety and, make great efforts to take all types of measures. In case there are some employees who do not care about the occupational safety measures in spite of all these precautions we take, we are unfortunately forced to dismiss them.

Employees, who work in the production departments, are given clothes appropriate for the tasks they carry out (t-shirts, aprons, occupational safety shoes, bonnets etc.), which must be worn during the performance of these tasks. In respect of our white-collar employees, there is no dress code, but they are expected to wear in a way that is appropriate for office environment.

Smoking is strictly prohibited in the production areas, offices and common usage areas, other than the defined social areas. There is no separate breaks for smoking other than the breaks specially defined for each department. 

Yes, although the shift order may vary depending on the respective department, we work at 24/7 and in shifts in all the departments. Normally, there is no working on Sundays and during holidays.

Our company respect the beliefs of people and, does not interfere about headscarves and similar clothes unless it harms another person or poses a danger in respect of occupational safety.

Of course, we do! Although it is an industrial enterprise, more than half of the employees of Alpplas is female. In addition, our company is an active supporter of HeForShe, a movement for gender equality in business places.