Dil Seçiniz


Quality Management

We at Alpplas pledge that we will meet the requirements and exceptions of our customers at the highest level. Accordingly, we continuously improve our technologies, engineering solutions, products, processes and services and, continue to make investments in the most advanced technologies.

We make use the operational excellence models such as TQM, Lean Production, TPM and Lean Six Sigma in order to facilitate continuous improvement in our processes and systems and, deliver the highest quality at all times by means of continuously reducing the variation sources.

We are intended to attain success and sustainability by means of creating long term and permanent impacts with small improvements steps on processes or performances through operational excellence. Our main target is to train such employees who act on their own motion to solve problems and, adopt the culture of continuous improvement.

Alpplas has established and maintains the “Zero Error” policy in its production stages in order to deliver the highest quality products and services. Adopting the “Built-In Quality Philosophy”, a form of production and management intended to ensure that a work is done with zero error at every time, it aims to provide the customers with flawless (zero defect) products without redundant controls and repairs.
Efforts intended to deliver a flawless production process are;

  • Effective Control Systems,
  • Early Warning Systems,
  • Single Point Training Activities,
  • Standardization Efforts,
  • Poke Yoke Systems applied in Design, Production, Testing and Control Equipment

Our management system documents and standards to meet the quality requirements of our customers and to comply with national and international regulations and environmental standards: