Dil Seçiniz


14 March, 2019

Gas Assisted Injection Molding is a method which is developed against production and design constraints due to the high thickness of plastic parts such as door handles, long parts mainly in white goods and automotive sectors.  The first applications started in the mid-80s, and its use in real understanding was in the early 90s. In particular, the advantage of the products that were previously mounted in 2 parts supported with inner metal parts compared with the excessive costs contributed to the development of this method. Our company has been producing since 1996 and one of the first practitioners in Turkey using this method. Although there are several different application types with this method, there are 2 types of processes that are used most in accordance with the need.

Full Emptying Method

It is a method in which the desired quality product is obtained by completely emptying them inside with pressurized gas during the injection process of plastic parts such as white goods handles, automobile door handles with very high thickness. It is a solution to design constraints as well as cost advantages. Since the internal emptying takes place naturally in accordance with the parts geometry, it creates a solid and non-fragile structure. In addition, due to the internal cooling of the plastic, the dimensional stability of the product rises to higher levels.  As seen in the pictures below, the interior of the parts is emptied naturally and balanced as the geometry allows. Wall thicknesses can be adjusted by reducing and increasing the gas pressure. The application is not only for white goods and automotive, but also suitable for similar types of products.

Partial Emptying Method

It is a system used to eliminate the surface defects (such as collapse, deformation) especially seen due to the support frames or screwed connection feet and to eliminate the visual defects here by partially emptying the areas of large parts. Since it is possible to use this method to provide dimensional stability, it is also possible to use it in parts that have no visual but distortion and tensile problems. 

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Mehmet Yetişkin
Technical Manager